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Treatment pace?

How fast is homeopathy?

The following answer is a bit complex because the truth is, I can only give you an informed answer after talking with you and finding out about your individual situation.  To get a better answer to this question, email me so that we can talk on the phone first.  The answer to this question has a lot of variation depending on many individual stamina.

Predictable diseases and stamina

For flu that would normally last 3-10 days, with timely homeopathic treatment, recovery using a remedy can take 2 days. Diseases that have a standard predictable sequence and pace are easy to predict.  The problem is, different individuals have different levels of stamina.  So, they also recover at slightly different rates.  Never recovered from a stress is also a symptom that is used to select remedies.  So, I always ask about the pace of recovery to estimate individual stamina.

Approximate rules

The longer you suffered, the longer it takes to cure

Homeopathy remedies sometimes heal immediately.  The longer you have had a problem, the longer a cure will take.  A rule of thumb is: for every year of chronic disease, it may take you about one month to heal.  Problems that have not been suppressed with surgeries or medicines in general heal much more quickly than problems that have been homeopathically treated.

The more problems you have, the longer the treatment

 The more problems you have, the more likely your case is complex and healing usually also takes more time.  The sicker you are with multiple chronic symptoms, the less energy you will have to heal and the longer healing will take. On the other hand, by working slowly and gently on persistent problems, the more likely you are to completely heal without a lot of unnecessary suffering.


The clearer your symptom description, the more accurate the remedy choice

Even though your symptoms are very uncomfortable, if you can describe how you feel very clearly, this will improve the accuracy of remedy selection which will also speed up healing. If you have many surgeries and have taken many strong drugs that suppress symptoms, the less clear your symptoms will be.  Even emotional suppression can be helped with homeopathy. So, slow careful work will give you the greatest results relative to the size and intensity of your problems. There are ways to work around even totally suppressed and thus hidden symptoms.  So, don't worry if you have very few symptoms.  That is a very common situation.

The first step is essential.

There is also the less common situation where the cause of multiple problems becomes apparent and healing takes place relatively quickly. Or despite strong suppression of symptoms, a single physical or emotion symptom becomes the first clue to solve the entire case.  So, it is important to avoid becoming fixated on "problems." The first step is essential.  After that, careful follow-ups are the breadcrumbs to the path which will resolve your problem.