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Suppression of problems

Suppression of problems feels like nothing special

Here is an example of suppression that feels like nothing out of the ordinary. The other day my husband and I were coming back from the US by plane.  My husband told me that he had not urinated since we had boarded 7 hours before.  I roused him to go to urinate although he protested.  On his return, he reported that he had urinated a bucket full.  I told him that he had suppressed the desire to urinated.  He protested that he felt nothing so he could not have suppressed his non-existent desire.  I shook my head and gave up trying to explain.  Simply put, even the desire to urinate can be suppressed even if not urinating feels perfectly normal.  This particular suppression was not very dangerous because we rarely do trans-Pacific flights, but other suppressions can lead to illness.

Homeopathy brings problems to the surface to heal  

Homeopathy activates the body's natural processes so that the body will heal those suppressed problems naturally. Why? What you don't feel or know is gone, isn't it?  I will tell you the explanation up front. Homeopathic treatment heals because the symptoms are revealed during testing of remedies are the same symptoms that you want to be healed. Based on this principle of homeopathy, awareness of even minor physical or emotional reactions to stress are valuable hints to find the curative remedy.  Fortunately, because I use a special technique, even when patients are totally unaware of their physical and emotional reactions to stress, often I am able to find a remedy that will recover lost healing to that healing processes can be revived and completed.

Dangers of Burying Problems

In daily life, often we find that if we ignore our problems, they come back to haunt us.  If you are angry or sad and pretend, mainly to yourself that you are not feeling that way, later those emotions bother you.  In so many social situations it is inconvenient to express negative emotions.  So you bury them deep inside your heart.  Then when you are stressed, suddenly you feel rage or depression.  Physical symptoms are the same.  Furthermore, turning off or ignoring emotions often is related to physical problems.  If you turn off physical symptoms, they come back to haunt you later.  Homeopath call that process "suppression".  Both emotional and physical reactions can be suppressed.

Suppression through Drugs and Surgery 

Conventional medicine saves lives

Modern medicine has discovered how to turn off the body's natural reactions to problems.  For example, scientists know how the body develops inflammation and fevers so that pathogens can be destroyed.  A fever or heat in a wound is an example of such physical inflammations.   In an emergency when an inflammation could endanger life, this scientific knowledge saves lives. For instance, we want a brain swelling to stop immediately because pressure on the brain could stop the flow of blood to the brain and death would happen in five minutes. Surgery is life-saving.

Drugs and surgery also suppress natural healing reactions

At the same time, the same conventional medicine prevents complete healing. Most natural inflammations and other physical reactions to pathogens are not life-threatening.  Unfortunately, if natural healing through inflammations such as fever or swelling are stopped, that healing will never be completed without some form of alternative medicine. Homeopathy is not the only way to revive suppressed natural healing.  A slower natural process would not turn off the natural reactions of the body and healing could occur. In those cases, homeopathy is a better form of intervention.

Why we use so many drugs? 

But when we are suffering we tend to look for the easy quick way of solving problems. We use medication because we are anxious, we need to do to work or we want to avoid pain. For insurance companies, suppressive drugs are fast, cheap and for the moment they look like they are effective.  So, most people, including me, have taken antibiotics, steroids and a long list of drugs that make problems apparently disappear.  We are doing what we are told we should do.

Forgetting pain is natural. 

Even in my own case, I recognized the return of these old symptoms only when they returned.  I could not remember a problem that had apparently disappeared.  That optimistic tendency to only remember good things does not prevent me from receiving the right treatment. Because I suppressed my symptoms with drugs, my body presents other symptoms that appear in times of stress or weakness. During homeopathic treatment, these old symptoms reappear and naturally heal. Luckily, the reappearance of symptoms is much milder than the original symptoms.  Also, because I am older and wiser, I am taking better care of myself and natural healing is easier.  I use homeopathy skillfully and avoid all forms of suppression.