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An American practicing homeopathy

Ellen Madono is a bilingual American homeopath who lives and works in Tokyo.  She often treats English speaking foreigners and friends living in Tokyo, and the United States.

私(真殿エレン)は2002からホメオパシーを専門にしているホメオパスです。 ホメオパシーの治療や学習について、どんなことでもご遠慮なく、メールアドレスに日本語でご連絡ください。



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Kamakura Kanagawa, Japan (one hour from Shinjuku, Shibuya and Tokyo stations)


Quickstart Healing

Step 1 - email メール

I check my email frequently.  In your email, either make an appointment to meet me, or if you prefer we can talk first by phone. I like working with you in person, but Internet interviewing is possible too.


step 2 - A phone conversation 電話セッション

I like to talk to patients before they arrange for an appointment. We are preparing for our next consultation meeting. I answer questions such as “How can homeopathy help me?” or “How should prepare for the interview? Please, feel free to just talk so we can get to know one another.


step 3 - consultation セッション

I adujust every consulation to your needs. I would like to hear about your problems and your lifestyle. Your remedy comes to you in the mail or sometimes you can get it when you visit me. Several days after you have started taking your remedy, I ask you to call me for a short talk. Then, depending on your condition the pace will vary.  Normally, you will visit me again after 2-4 weeks.




To be Heard is Healing.

Life is a river of change.  I am committed to support you as you find your way through the changes that healing requires.


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