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Experiencing remedies

Starting out?


 What happens initially?

Unlike this seedling where the type of seed, the soil, and climate are known, you as a beginning homeopathy patient usually are not very conscious of your healing capacity. I interview to find out not only what we are healing, but also your stamina, sensitivities, and health history.  I need to select the right remedy, but what happens next depends on you and your lifestyle. Watching your remedy unfold is a discovery process and your first step is the most important but not the last step in the process.

What happens if the remedy is correct?

What you will experience when you receive the correct remedy will first of all support more energy, stronger immune system functions, and a sense of increased well-being. These are the best initial results for a chronic remedy. Remember that the diagnosis that I make is three-fourth of the remedy.  My talk with you and observation of you is the basis for my diagnosis.  So, our first talk can be very important.

Do my problem begin to heal soon after the initial remedy?

Surprisingly, the symptoms that the remedy is chosen to cure may not improve initially. This is because chronic remedies are often chosen to reduce the stress that reduces immune system functions, and your sense of well being.  Better sleep, appetite, and stronger energy will are all indications of well-being. With a reduction of the consequences of stress, naturally, the body will heal the symptom that the remedy is targeted to heal.  So, you need to wait for this chain reaction to happen.

What happens initially if the remedy is wrong?

However, treatment efficacy varies with the accuracy of the prescription.  If your remedy is incorrect, then using it a few times will not affect you at all.  If your remedy is close but incorrect, it will affect you a little, but will not heal you, even over several years. It will not harm you, but you will lose time. So, I want avoid using the wrong remedy.

A slightly incorrect remedy can cause you to produce a reaction that can be used to prescribe a correct remedy.  In order to prescribe the next remedy, I need to know how you reacted to the previous remedy.  This requires a follow-up interview.  There are many more intricacies that cannot be described here, but I hope you get the general idea.

Always, I can predict the accuracy of my prescriptions and I tell patients what to expect.  If your symptoms are suppressed by medications, I will often have a difficult time selecting a remedy.  In that case, I will tell you so directly.

Does a homeopathic illness always get worse after starting treatment?

No. Usually, a problem that follows the initial use of a remedy is the re-emergence of a suppressed symptom that is preventing you from healing. If no suppression of symptoms has occurred, then worsening of symptoms is unlikely. When they do occur, such "aggravations" are typically shorter and milder than reactions to real illness or injury. An aggravation followed by a general improvement of your well being (better sleep, appetite or more energy) is a clear sign of healing.

Does homeopathy require physical examination?

I learn a lot about patients and their bodies when I do body work or teach them yoga. Physical examinations can be very useful.  I am not a doctor, therefore, I rely on your doctor to do physical medical examinations.  Lab reports can also be useful. But, homeopathic prescription does not depend on physical examinations.  Information gained from observation and interviews is more important.


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