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What are homeopathic symptoms?

What are symptoms?

Symptoms can be both observed by others and you also feel them.  Sometimes you feel symptoms that no one else can observe, but they can be found in the homeopathic literature so they confirm the choice of a specific medicine.  The homeopathic literature documents what people feel when they become sick.  Typically, an array of symptoms will point to the curative treatment.  Especially symptoms that are unrelated. For example, a headache when pregnant or when depressed are unrelated but a treatment for pregnant women or depression can be distinguished by a headache specifically in the temples.  Even if symptoms cannot be documented because they are unusual among sick people, they can point to other characteristics that will lead to the curative treatment.

Is knowledge of a patient's mental/emotional character necessary to find a remedy?

I use carefully tested database so that I only need accurate physical symptoms when I begin a new case.  You receive a short questionnaire.  After answering those questions, then a deeper interview begins.

In emergency or self-care homeopathy, often there is less need to know about the patient’s feelings, personality or mental state.  Although those factors can be useful in those cases too.

For most chronic cases, mental/emotional symptoms are very useful.  However, when it is not possible to understand these more subjective symptoms, homeopaths rely on physical symptoms.  Some patients have no mental/emotional pathologies and only physical symptoms.  The reason for this varies and can be important to accurately choose a remedy.

My policy is not to pry into the problems of people who are related to my patient.  All I need to know is how my patient reacts to stress in his life.

My privacy policy requires me to avoid talking about the problems of my patients to others.

Can you help me if I have no physical symptoms?

Sometimes either the physical or the emotional side of the patient is unclear in the first interview.  Often the missing symptoms are hidden because they were suppressed by medications or like most people, we suppress what we feel we should not feel.

By giving the first remedy, the missing symptoms appear.  This is because usually the physical and the emotional aspects are related.  Mind and body make up a whole living being.  With more information, a more appropriate remedy can be selected.  This is likely to be a much more powerful remedy for healing.

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