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Remedy blockages

What interferes with homeopathic treatment?

Any kind of strong energy can interfere with treatment.  That energy can be either physical or emotional.  Strong emotions such as grief, disappointment, and even excessive joy can interfere with the treatment of a minority of patients.  People vary greatly in their sensitivity to emotions.  The extreme shock of an auto accident, surgery or dental treatment can also undermine even the best remedy (homeopathic medicine). Drugs that strongly suppress the natural functions of the body will interfere with remedies that are meant to restore those functions. Thus steroids and other immunosuppressants will interfere.

Blockages to remedies are called antidotes.  There are some famous antidotes, but like everything in homeopathy, what will antidotes depends on the sensitivity of the individual.  Camphor,  coffee (both decaf and regular coffee) or mint in tooth paste (if you are not used to it) may interfere because of their strong odor.  The list of possible antidotes to a remedy is long, but always we need to ask, is this patient sensitive to begin with, is he/she already used to the antidote and therefore not sensitive. Strong pharmaceutical and recreational drug will not vary so much in their antidoting power.

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