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Stretch resistance videos

Youtube Resistance stretch videos

Here is a file to copy to help you look for youtube videos about resistance stretching.

A cycle of 16 meridian stretches taught by Bob Cooley.

Types of stretches and effects

The flow cycle on Bob Cooley’s site that explains the practice.

Lecture on Stretch resistance in a class. The theory is explained by Bob.

How stretching resistance works

Types of stretches and effects

22 min stretch class taught by Cooley

Luther Bryan Cowden has many explanations of single in meridians. Use the English name of the meridian to find his demonstration and Cowden to find the video.  He is an excellent teacher.  

Luther talks about the order of doing stretches

Assisted stretching is about helping others to get a fuller stretch.  Sometimes as many as 4 people assist in the stretch.

Comments on how to feel and evaluate stretches such as watching facial change after a resistance flexibility session.

Energetic changes in the bladder meridian

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