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Meridian Resistance Stretch

Not a hopeless old lady

I was born in 1950 and my lower lumbar spine is crooked. Age and skeletal deformation prompted doctors to tell me that I was in hopeless pain, but I have found so many ways to stay in good shape. Recently I passed a 3rd-degreee Aikido black belt exam in March 2018.  Practicing for the exam was hard on me just because I spent about 8 hours a week practicing.  When in need, we find what we need.

Free videos

Resistance stretching as taught by Bob Cooley has kept me in incredible shape.  His youtube videos are all you need, but one month using his teaching website was also very helpful.

For my patients, I have developed other means to help them learn.

The road to learning shiatsu and CTM meridians

I became addicted to this method not only because of the great results but also, I realized quickly that I should have learned the Zen Shiatsu meridians through this method.  If you know the meridian and the trigger points on them, you not only can give effective bodywork to others but also, you can stretch better and you can do self-shiatsu through learning the meridian. Acutonic meridian location should be more obvious.

Easy road to flexibility for almost everyone

I am also interested in promoting this technique because I see strong young people in the dojyo having to quit Aikido because they injure themselves.  Learning to stretch in a systematic way would prevent this.  Also, I began learning Aikido when I was almost 58 years old.  Through recovery from many injuries, I was able to recover my body that was doomed to "hopeless pain."  Now I see that I could have taken a much easier path to the black belt exam at age 69.  This method is so easy, I believe that anyone can use it.  My patients who are bent in half because of hip and back problems are using this method.

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