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Gut feelings


Your gut-feelings are essential to lasting results

The key to lasting result if you have chronic problems is gentle treatment based on your gut-feelings.  Problems that have developed over years heal the most throughly when they are treated gently.  Often suppressed feelings are released and patients begin to fully experience feelings and sensations that are closer to their healthy state.

Interviews about forgotten experiences

Your gut-feelings become apparent while talking about your life freely.  Some are memories about about suffering, others are just about impressive life experiences.  New patients tell me that they learn a lot about themselves in the first interview.  Others are so overwrought with strong emotions such as grief, fear or anger that they are unable to perceive any other feelings.  The most unfortunate patients are simply empty of any feeling.  Bringing both the mind and the body into balance through the appropriate  remedy helps to focus the patient on recognizing how they actually do feel.  This places them on the gentle path toward healing.  By recognizing the pattern of suffering and struggle, I am able to select a remedy that will relieve these stresses.  This happens when you share your gut-feelings.

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