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Mixing homeopathy with medicine: Cataract surgery


Mixing homeopathy and medication

Often homeopathic remedies need to be used with medication.  Here is an example of how I did this for cataract surgery in 2017.

I have never had major surgery and was quite anxious.  My homeopath friends and research agreed that cataract surgery was a clinically proven success stories of medical technology.

Pre-surgery remedy

15 minutes prior to the surgery, I took several drops of the remedy, Staphasagria 30c.  This was to relieve the shock of the sharp cut into the capsule enclosing the lens of the eye.  The blades used in modern surgery are so sharp that tissue damage is minor.  (That is why arnica prior to modern surgery is nolonger recommended.) The emotional shock of bright lights, loud machine sounds, and an anxious doctor was much greater source of stress. Happily, as predicted, the surgery was a non-event.

Use of wound remedies post surgery

After surgery, I immediately took Arnica drops and continued three times a day until the blood on the whites of my eyes disappeared.

The general rule of classical homeopathy is to use only one remedy at a time.  In this case, I knew exactly what Arnica and the remedy to prevent infection, Calendula did.    So, I used them in alternation 3 times a day. I used a 200c for both remedies, but if you have a lower potency, then probably it is best to take it more often. But, in this case, I thought it was best to use the two remedies for different purposes.  Probably, Arnica alone would have been enough because I was concerned with my bloodshot eyes.

Chose to cooperate with the surgeon using steroids and antibiotics

Both antibiotics and steroids were given after the outpatient surgery.  Unlike our kitty's post-spaying without antibiotics, my surgeon was not willing to try remedies alone.  Removing both uterus and ovaries of my kitten is much more serious than a small cut in the surface of my eye, but I also, wanted to take no risks with my eyes.  So, contrary to the general rule of homeopathy, I alternated two remedies and took the doctors eye drops as instructed. Healing proceeded much faster than normal.

Homeopathy versus medication

If I really had the strength of my convictions, should I have refused the medications?  I was unwilling to challenge the doctor who was taking responsibility for the success of his surgery.  I reasoned that a month of steroids and antibiotics directly on the eyes would probably do little damage.  Often, with patients also, we need to balance the effects of medication and clinically proven homeopathy.