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Vaccination damage and autism

Who can be damaged by vaccinations?

I would evaluate the strength of the immune system when vaccination damage is suspect or feared. Patients who have even a family history of immune system weakness should consider the possibility that their children could inherit this weakenss. When a condition such as autism appears in a previously healthy child, who also had bouts of hypersensitivity then vaccination damage is suspect.

Not only children are at risk


I would never consider flu vaccine because I am a homeopath. The effects of vaccines on those who are hypersensitive are astounding.  As we age, typically our immune system ages as well. If you do not know first aid homeopathy, learn about it.  Anyone can protect themselves against the flu.  My flu questionnaire is very simple.  The remedy that can help you can be found in an hour of email exchange or over the telephone.  A home remedy kit is essential to every household.

Are homeopaths always against vaccination?

This is a controversial subject among homeopaths.  I believe that if the patient shows no evidence of immune system damage, vaccinations may not cause obvious harm.  If it were my child, I would avoid risk if possible.  If I know that I am hypersensitive, at any age I would resist vaccination. If I were feeling the effects of aging, I would also assume greater sensitivity.  So, since I was born in 1950, I would not get a flu shot.

Where could I be hypersensitive?

You would feel the effects of a weak immune system in your glands, your skin, and your mucous membrane.  These are all areas where external pathogens can enter our body.  So they are strongly defended by lymph and even by the strong physical barrier of the skin.  The mucous membrane is much weaker than the skin, but it is replaced every four days. So, if you are attacked, the mucous membrane cells quickly are replaced.  It is much richer in glands, and blood supply than the skin.  The blood vessels both absorb nutrients at the same time as they defend by sending out the "soldiers" of the immune system and carrying away the dead tissues and waste.

The immune system exists throughout the body

You may want to know were these defense systems are so that your can decide if you could be hypersensitive.  Basically, all the tubes and cavities of your body are lined by mucous membrane. The places where colds and flu attack are obvious, but what about the digestive system?  That is a huge long tube lined by mucous membranes.  Stools and urine leave the body, through entrances for pathogens to enter the body. The reproductive tract, blood vessels...  There are too many tubes and cavities to name.  If you have inflammations in those areas, probably you are hypersensitive there too.


Your lymph system and glands where lymph are produced are also part of your immune system.

Trends of hypersensitivity decide your level of sensitivity, not a single incident.

So the area of possible hypersensitivity is wide. But, this does not mean that because everywhere could express hypersensitivity, the basic idea is useless.  If you have problems in many of these areas, you can at least suspect a trend toward hypersensitivity.

Who should decide vaccination policy?

Should the insensitive people who rule the world rule your body?

Some people can lead wild lives, eat junk and seemly never suffer.  These people would never become hypersensitive.  They tell us sensitive whimps that they rule the world and should set health policy for us because we are weak and they are strong.

Strategies to remain healthy and sensitive are essential

I am not getting on their bandwagon, but also I am not dogmatic about vaccines.  I know law, social pressure and politics rule the lives of most people.  Also, most of us have not learned the basics of homeopathic home care.

If some of us are forced to be vaccinated, how can risk be decreased?

To avoid possible damage to the immune system, vaccinations should be kept to a minimum.  At least the spacing between them should be as wide as possible.  Also, the current trend to vaccinate infants as early as possible should be avoided.  Why ask for vaccination damage just to find out if your child has a sturdy immune system?  When you choose a birthing center, begin asking about vaccination policy.  Postpartum is not a time to make these choices.

If I could decide policy, where would I start?

Ineffective vaccines such as whooping cough should be refused.  Vaccines that require vaccination during adulthood such as measles, mumps and chicken pox should be avoided by healthy children.  They should get childhood disease and build natural immunity that will serve them in adulthood.

What is vaccination damage?

Usually, evidence of damage happens as a normal child develops.  If there is no reason for abnormal development, vaccinations are suspect.  For example, the hypersensitivity of allergies suggests immune system damage.  Because vaccinations cause an artificial increase of antibodies, persons who already have a tendency toward hypersensitivity are also vulnerable to further damage. Those nuggets of wisdom should help you to make choices when facing vaccination mandates.

Do vaccines cause vaccination damage?

Vaccination damage leading to an autistic spectrum or ADHD spectrum is not so obvious because the relationship between brain development and the immune system are not well understood.  However, if hypersensitivity and such brain-related symptoms occur together, then vaccination damage is possible.  When I say autism, I am not referring to a narrow medical definition.  All sorts of perceptual distortions can be included.

How could brain-related symptoms be associated with vaccinations?

If the item that causes the allergy is removed and brain symptoms improve, an autism spectrum or ADHD spectrum becomes more suspect. If you are not sure if you are hypersensitive, you can try eliminating some irritant in your life to see if your hypersensitivity or your brain-related symptoms change.  Even emotion can be an irritant.