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Treatment process

Treatment process

The treatment process can be complex with considerable variation among patients.  No patient needs to understand the following summary of what generally happens, because I will guide you through the treatment process.  This general summary is offered for the peace of mind of the patient who enjoys details.

Also, I am currently offering a 40% off on treatment in exchange for counseling.


The fees for this process are explained in detail here.

Beginning Treatment Process

  •  First appointment content: Instruct you about treatment and hear your story.  Often this is our first contact occurs when you first call me by phone.
  • You submit the questionnaire for analysis
  • The in-depth interview where your questionnaire is used to plan your future treatment.
  • You start treatment when you receive and take the remedy
  •  Follow-up interview when you report back changes that have happened since taking your remedy.
  • Your homeopath will adjust your treatment and guide you concerning how to take your remedy.  For example, how often to take your remedy and when your next appointment should be.
  • Evaluate changes
  • Analysis of changes:  Either there are no changes and the previous treatment process begins again using the same remedy.  Or there is change a change in the healing process and a new remedy is chosen. So, there are two kinds of follow up interviews.

Follow up interviews

▪ If the remedy results are satisfactory, research of a new remedy is not required, so the interview is shorter.


▪ If the results of the initial treatment were not satisfactory, more research is required and the interview is longer.