Tokyo Homeopathy




One Healing Principle

Homeopathy's Overarching Principle:

Symptoms (found through testing)

Cure patient symptoms IF THEY ARE SIMILAR.

The principle that Similars Cure required scientific thinking for accurate results.

Traditional Wisdom:  Hot ginger cures a raw throat.

Only a genius can simplify what seems complex. Over two hundred years ago, a German doctor developed a single principle of healing that has since been clinically tested worldwide.

A Japanese household herbal practice illustrates single basic principle of all homeopathic practice. “For a sore throat, drink ginger tea.” A sore throat feels hot like the effect of eating raw ginger.  If you have a sore throat, hot spicy ginger tea will often soothe and even cure that sore throat.  Far beyond a recipe for curing a sore throat, this German Doctor discovered the principle for testing, describing and finally choosing curative medicines.


choose the right medicine from so many is difficult

Homeopaths have tested thousands of substances to discover their healing properties. Because homeopaths must choose from so many medicines, the process of making that choice is of great importance.  The choice is based on the above principle.  The tested effect of the medicine must match the symptoms of the patient.  Patients have many symptoms, so a homeopath looks for a pattern that is similar to the pattern found when testing the medicine.

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