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Memory Loss Difficulties

Difficult Cases

Cases that lack good symptoms are more difficult, but not impossible.  My cat, infants and patients in a coma cannot tell you symptoms.  Luckily, many symptoms can be observed.  Loss of memory made the following case much more difficult.

Memory deficiency

Short term memory lost

The other day an old patient who had been successfully treated 4 years before came to me 2 years after an aneurysm of the brain.  I had treated her in the hospital, but the results were unclear since she was taking many medications at that time and also she could not remember much.

This difficulty with short-term memory was the reason she had come to see me after 2 years.  I had treated her a year before with low potency remedy.  Unfortunately, she could not remember to take her remedy.  Also, she could not remember if she had changed.  This was a challenging case!

High potency prescription

Nevertheless, she came to me again.  I told her that since she could not remember to take her remedy, I would give her a high potency.  I gave it to her in the clinic. I know her very well, and I know that she responds very feebly to low potency remedies.  I was looking for remedies that are related to the remedies that had worked for her in the past.  I could remember the spasms of her leg in the past, but she could not remember.  So, I included them among her symptoms.  I like to do an analysis based on statistical analysis of tested symptoms.  This time, I could not do that and I had to rely on more intuitive relationships between remedies.

Next day results

The next day she emailed me to say that her chronic toothache did not require pain killers.  I was aiming at her memory and not her toothache.  But, this slight improvement of her general physical condition suggested that my high potency remedy may have greater effects.  These reaction directly after taking the remedy are often essential to predicting the efficacy of the remdy.

On July 1, 2017 I am waiting for results.  If I am wrong, I have a line up of possible alternatives.  Whatever  happens will be information for the next remedy choice.

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