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Flu Vaccination

Any vaccination is adding large amounts of foreign protein into your body.  Your body is designed to protect itself against foreign proteins.  Problems happen because of added toxins to vaccines and also because of the large amounts of powerful proteins.  Depending you your body, there is a danger of over reaction.   For this reason, and because they see the damage caused by vaccination in their patients, homeopaths generally believe that vaccinations are dangerous. There is a homeopath named Peter Chapelle whose work has been in Africa working with AIDs patients who is offering a homeopathic remedy in the form of sound.  I am not sure what makes a remedy work in exact detail, but it is some form of energy.    Discussing the reacts to his remedy with other homeopaths, some say that they have seen flu like reactions which would suggest that that person was susceptible to flu.  I use Mr. Chapelle's sound remedy when I feel that my defenses are low.  In my own family, my 97 year old father-in-law came down with a low fever and nausea after listening to the remedy.   Using the remedy, Belladonna, I reduced his symptoms quickly.

Mr. Chapelle offers a swine flu sound resonance as a free download on his site  Try it out and tell me if you noticed any changes after using it.  I am curious.

I am particularly concerned with vaccination among the young.  In the past, the elderly and infants were the primary targets of disease.  New disease forms are attacking the working population.  I think this is related to changes in our immune system due to global vaccination and the increase of immunosuppressants.  The problem is extremely complex because it extends to changes that we have made in our environment and  how we grow our food.  Unless you can participate in political activism, the best way to vote against these changes is to avoid participation in what is harmful not just to you but to all of us and future generations.

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