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Differentiating Acute from Chronic Problems

Acute problems heal even without treatment.   Acute problems can range from, for example, a blow to your head that makes a bruise and will heal in several weeks brain injury that will be to death without treatment. Chronic problems become part of who you are as a person and how your body responds to stress and damage. They become chronic because we all have the capacity to adjust to stress and external damage. Injuries and disease affect who we are and vice a versa we respond because we have a certain body type and personality.

Often patients think their problem is acute, but by listening to their history, I find that the problem is actually chronic.   They have actually adapted to their problem.

Acute problems will heal even without treatment, recovery is quicker.  And, scaring and other side effects are less.

Reasons to suspect chronic disease:

  • Conventional care does not cure your problem.
  • Your problem gets worse when you are stressed, ie, tired, sleepless, hungry, after a shocking event, an illness or injury.
  • You problem first occurred after a period in your life of great stress (over work, trauma, disease, grief and etc.)
  • For no apparent reason, there is a pattern in the timing of your symptoms.  For example, the same or a similar problems periodically repeat.  Or apparently unrelated problems alternate.