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Earaches: What to expect from treatment


How long will the pain last?

To answer this question,

I will always ask three questions:

How many times have you had this earache?

Did you use medications? What kind? For how long?

And how long have you had this earache?

What happens next?

We work together filling out a questionnaire, and you tell me about yourself. If you are bringing a child, then you tell me about yourself and your child. 

I give you a remedy bag, sometimes if I am not sure, I give you two or three bags.   If the ear is very painful, I will ask you to call me before bedtime.  I want my patient to be able to sleep at night. So in the evening, I talk to you on the phone to find out if I gave you an effective remedy.  If not, I choose one of the other remedy bags that I have given you.

Patients ask: Can I take the antibiotics that the doctor gave me?

I am not a medical authority. I will not oppose your choice to use medication.  Homeopathic remedies can work through side effects of drugs.  If the duration of medication use is short and the earache is not reoccurring, then the medication will not affect treatment much. At the other extreme, if you already are using many different drugs, then the problem is more complicated.

When the remedy works, what should I expect?

Within a few hours of taking an effective remedy, it should begin decreasing the pain.  

Sometimes when I am interviewing parents, I find out that their child has behavioral problems (fighting, problems doing school work, disobedience, withdrawal, etc.).  Even if the parents forget to tell me about the "terrible twos" or the "fearsome fives," with the right remedy, these problems also decrease.  Over time, they may disappear.

If parents tell me about these emotional improvements that occurred since taking the remedy, then I may ask them to continue treatment even after their earache is cured. 

Another more shocking surprise develops because of a rare earache that appears during treatment for other problems unrelated to the ear.  The typical scenario of this reappearance of earaches is the adult patient remembers that as a small child, his/her earaches were suppressed.  That is, the earache never healed but the pain went away.  If the immune system is weakened by further medication, the right remedy will strengthen the immune system.  In that case, the immune system will quickly heal an ear problem that was suppressed even in childhood.  To heal a problem, the patient has to experience it.  Usually, the experience is much milder than it was as a child, and it also heals very quickly. When this happens, contact me to discuss what should be done while avoiding disrupting your curative remedy.

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