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Back pain: How homeopathy can help

If you have less than perfect health, and you have back pain, it's hard to know if your problem is caused by structural (skeletal) imbalances or by problems with organs and specific tissues. For a homeopathic treatment, knowing the cause of back pain is not necessary. Homeopathy will correct organic problems. It will not directly balance your posture.

Use homeopathy to eliminate or decrease problems with the lower abdomen organs.  For example, sagging or swollen organs may press on blood veins and nerves. This pressure will cause further problems that you are likely to feel in your back.  The abdomen is full of tubes. If any of these get blocked, again the pain will be felt in the back. Similarily, not only the intestines are involved, but the entire urinary and sexual track can affect back pain. 

We do not need disease names to discover other supporting causes of structural problems.  Even without a name, problems with tissues inside the abdominal cavity will add to pain of structural imbalance. While strengthening the pelvic area using simple exercises such as stretch resistance, constitutional homeopathy should be used to improve the health of the pelvic organs. It does not matter which came first: the internal organ problem or the back pain. Working from both angles is a win-win solution.