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Rheumatoid arthritus

I have known Ellen Madono since before she had kids and when I was a young mother in living in Kyoto, Japan.  I will be 80 years old in January 2019. Since I moved to the States and she stayed in Japan, she has helped me through e-mail, email links and by telephone conferences.   Over the last 15 years, she has been listening to my troubles and tried to help me. It is hard to remember all that we have been through.

Three years ago, after I was diagnosed with RA rheumatoid arthritis,  I took medications which didn't seem to help very much and had side effects. I stopped that medication and started on the homeopathic, Rhu-tox, that Ellen sent me.  Within 3 months my blood test results went from 90 to 40, which is amazing. 

Ellen does not only give remedies. I was bent in half with a painful back and walking was a huge effort. She sent me youtube links to Bob Cooley stretch resistance exercises.  Especially, I used the exercises for the lateral glutes, for back issues.   I met a friend about 3 months after I started the exercises and she commented that my posture was greatly improved. She said, "you are standing up straight".   Also, Ellen suggested that I read or listen to  Pema Chodron to help me to face anger issues.  I love to listen to Pema’s lectures because she is not only wise, she is funny.   

Ellen is a very caring person, full of all kinds of helpful information and tries to find solutions to various problems whether they are physical or emotional.   I always listen to her advice as it has always been helpful throughout my life.