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Radiation poisoning antidoted

Signs of poisoning

Radium-brom, a homeopathic remedy, cleared up muscular pain throughout the body in one day. Symptoms: muscles stiff, pain moving from side to side, amel very hot water... These symptoms were getting worse but I was assuming that my extreme fatigue was due to too much Aikido practice. 7 hours in a day might be a bit much for a 69-year-old non-athlete. Now that I am well, 7 hours for days 6 days a week are invigorating. 1 day after taking Rad-brom, I returned to normal.

Source of the radiation

The pain probably developed from swimming in what I assume is a radioactive swimming pool. I found the remedy in Ian Watson's book on Muscular and Skeletal diseases. He uses Rad-brom for patients who live near a nuclear plant where releases of radioactive waste is a common occurrence and totally legal in Irland and all over the developed world. The Japanese government is busy preparing for the Olypmics in 2020. The Nuclear explosion in Fukushima is still a danger zone but forgotten in the media mind.

The nuclear disastor in Fukushima

Fukushima is the Japanese prefecture where the nuclear plants were located along the coast when a tidal wave occurred in 2011. See Fukushima is 149 miles from Tokyo and the Japanese government is playing down the amount of radiation that constantly blows down. I was swimming in a pool in a valley where the mountain range faces Fukushima. So it traps the winds coming from the North. Obviously, all the water on the mountain washes down the mountains and into the water supply. Thus, 6 months of swimming in that water activated my natural sensitivity to radiation. I have no objective information on how others are affected. But a friend who volunteers in Fukushima every month says that the number at the morgue of people who died of symptoms of radiation poisoning has increased sharply.

Lasting Cure?

As of November 7th 2018, two weeks after first taking Rad-Bromium. As I am treating myself, this is how I report my symptoms of myself. I am still experiencing some pain and fatigue. But the need for a hot bath three times a day and pain shifting to parts of my body that were not injured from other causes has dissapeared. Also, the lymph nodes in my neck are not swollen. Generally I get too much exercise. (Too much Aikido practice.) This fatigue is not related to radiation so I have to filter it out. Interestingly, I am more willing to admit that I am tired and to take a nap and miss Aikido classes. So, for now, I am continuing to take the remedy when I feel unnecessary fatigue. I will watch and see. I am considering taking Calcium phosphate which is a remedy that treats joints that are too loose. But, I will watch the results from Radium bromium before switching remedies.