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Why allergies?

Why immune balance heals allergies?

Allergies are so common that most patients seem to assume that they are normal.  The variety  and "widespread normality" of hypersensitivity is caused by current typical medical practices, as well as stressful life styles.  They tend to undermine our immune system.  Homeopathy is designed to bring both halves of our immune system into balance.  Why is balance necessary and what is meant by balance?

The areas of the body that become allergic are in constant contact with the outside environment.  They depend on a healthy immune system to kill any cell that is not human.  The exception is the cells in our intestines.  These "gut" cells are an essential part of our immune system, yet they do not share our DNA.  When we are healthy, there is a balance between the immune activity of immune cells that do share our DNA and those "foreign" but essential "gut" cells.

There are many other ways the immune system can be compromised, but I will emphasize gut health only because, gut health can be relatively easily improved.  Focusing on the health of our gut flora, how does this balance relate to immunity and homeopathic treatment?

How are allergies natural?

It takes more than a dirty environment to build our immune system.  Homeopathic treatment excels in rebuilding a weak immune system.  But, what is being treated?  Allergies such as hay fever are the most common natural conditions that a homeopath commonly treats. Allergic crises indicate an imbalance in your immune system. If you are bothered by allergies without more serious problems, your body’s organs, tissues, and cells are probably all healthy. Only your immune system is imbalanced. Although the most severe allergic crises may even be life-threatening, even then there is nothing wrong with your immune system. Immunity was designed to protect you from substances that are not like you. Similar to an overly protective dog or parent, an aggressive protective reaction can disrupt your life significantly.

Why care for our non-human immune system?

To digest and absorb our food, we need the non-human cells that live in our gut. These cells also protect our tissues against foreign cells that could damage our body.  In a healthy person, a conservative estimate of the ratio of non-human cells in the gut to human immune cells suggests 1 non-human cell for every 10 human cells (1:10 ratio). An allergic reaction is an extremely aggressive immune reaction. In effect, the scale is tipped to attack mode only. When our gut bacteria is healthy, those non-human cells performs part of the defense function. So, extreme reactions by our human immune cells become unnecessary.

Drugs and other stress can kill gut immune cells.

If we have many exposures to drugs such as antibiotics or a life style stress that kills off those gut bacteria, we will develop digestive problems and eventually allergies. These reactions are normal, but because our gut bacteria are not reproducing as they should be, they are not keeping the immune system balance. Our gut cell population is off balance, but the cells are not sick.

Gut bacteria affect the immunity of distant tissues.

Even problems that have disease names like Crohn’s disease or ulcerative colitis can start with such simple imbalances.  Unfortunately, the repercussions of an unhealthy gut are not limited to the gut.  Because your sinus membranes are very similar to the membrane in your gut, killing the gut bacteria will also influence hay fever or other allergies that are far from your gut and seem unrelated.  This interconnection between the immunity of distant areas of the body is where wholistic homeopathic treatment excels.

Strong immune reactions are healthy.

So, you come to a homeopath looking for help to subduing those over reactions. You do not want to turn off your immune system, as pharmaceutical medications or lifestyle stress eventually does. One immune system stressor will not do so much damage.  The cumulative effect of multiple stressors over time is damaging.  So, everyone wants to strengthen their immune system. A good measure of immune system strength is the time necessary for you to recover from colds and infections. Several colds per year might even strengthen your health especially if you take care of yourself instead of relying on medication, but no colds or frequent infections indicates immune system weakness.  Unfortunately, the stronger your system is, the more likely you are to suffer strong allergic reactions.

Drug stop aggressive immune reactions while weakening the system.

If you have been taking pharmaceutical medications for years, probably the strength of your immune system has also been reduced. So, those allergy drugs do help you to subdue your naturally strong reactions.  The unfortunate catch is, they reduce healthy allergic reactions by stopping the reaction.

Homeopathy strengthens the immune system which naturally ceases to react aggressively.

Instead of only stopping the natural immune reaction, you want a therapy that will strengthen your immune system's ability to react as it naturally should.  This strength will pacify the overly aggressive reactions of your immune system.  You can only do this by strengthing your whole body and undoing the damage caused by excessive medication.

I know you the reader want to know exactly how you will be treated, so I am disappointing you.  Because each individual is different, the answer will vary greatly.  Even the best lifestyle will vary.  You want to let go of physical and mental tendencies gained from drugs etc.  Homeopathy will help you with this.  At your pace in a way that suits you.

Homeopathy turn back the clock slowly and carefully

Undoing past damage requires treatment of the whole mind and body.  Obviously, reducing medications and strengthening the whole body is not easy.  Since it is a delicate process, it takes months and even years to turn back the clock.  Homeopathy is an excellent way to do this slowly and carefully.  Homeopathic treatment does not stop the allergic reaction, it guides the body to naturally rebuild the balance between non-human cell gut immunity and the human cell immune system.  As a result, the allergic reaction disappears.

The process of homeopathic treatment is more tailored to the individual than the typical "automated" doctor's visit.  It requires more communication. The process cannot be forecasted without knowing the individual's health history and way of living.

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