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Refractory diseases with no name are curable

Refractory diseases are not incurable

Diseases that lack a standard treatment are called refractory diseases. The implication is these diseases are incurable. If you cure yourself, doctors are not interested. They know their standard treatment methods. If your problem does not lie within the technology of modern medicine, it simply lacks a name. It is not necessarily incurable. If doctors do not know how to categorize your problem, you should not give up hope.

I listen to your subtle signals of dis-ease even if you don't know what they mean. Your body knows. Homeopaths trust the signals of disease.

Acknowledging your own feelings is the first step to cure.

Dis-ease does not need a medical name.  Don't let a doctor convince you that your disease is incurable because he lacks the technology to cure it.  The body proclaims its own truth.  The self-healing of homeopathy requires only a few whispered signals of dis-ease.  Even when you are not aware, your body gives the needed signals for self-healing.  So, pay attention to a lack of ease.  Honor yourself by acknowledging what you feel.