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Q&A: Healing Strategy in Homeopathy

So, let me get this straight (and I admit that I don't agree with the idea), classical homeopathy assumes that there can be one and only one thing wrong (deranged) with a person's vital healing force.  And all other things wrong with a person's vital healing force are the result of this One Thing, and if the One Thing is healed, then all of the other problems will heal themselves. Did I get that right?  It sounds a little like the doctrine of original sin to me, assuming that I got it right.

Can there be different One Things wrong with a person's vital healing force at different times in their lives?

I do not see any reason why this is true.  Obviously it is better for everyone to go deeper, but the assumption that there can only be one derangement does not stand up to my intuitive scrutiny nor my experience.  I freely admit that my experience is very limited compared with most of the people reading this.


Roger Bird


Hello Roger,

Let's approach this a bit differently.  Lets look at our person/patient as a home that needs to be kept up.   If it takes me two hours a day to keep my home looking nice, clean, everything put away and where it belongs, dishes done, etc.  What happens if I am busy and only have one hour a day?   The home upkeep starts to suffer.  First it may be leaving things around and not putting them away,  or maybe next all the dishes or laundry does not get done, etc, etc.   Eventually the problem can work it's way around to structural integrety and after a few weeks of this, I do have quite a mess.
The body is the same way (sort of),  it takes a certain amount of energy to do all the cellular replacement, repair work, etc.   If something like worry, frustration, hate, envy, lack of proper nutrition starts stealing energy away from the system the system will break down under the deficiency (this psora is the mother of diseases - 85% of patients says Hahnemann are psoric - not enough of something to go around.
Obviously there are ways to 'clean up' the house.   I can get help to do the dishes, or maybe the laundry, or maybe I can hire a cleaning person to jump in and give me 7 hours on Saturday,  or, or, or  This is addressing the 'problems' of the laundry, etc.   - the Classical Homeopathic Way - I can try to relieve the energy drain of only having ONE hour and find another hour sometime in the day and devote that extra hour to cleaning up the dishes (one disease), the laundry (another disease), etc, etc. Freeing energy solves the whole problem both for catching up on what needs to be done and what is causing the problem (lack of time) in the beginning.
Now add the miasms -  leaky roof,  foundation repair, bad plumbing - this compounds the above problems, as if I only have a little time I need to use that time where it is most needed.  Thus sometimes the structural problem of the miasms can cause problems even though the patient seems to have enough time to clean up, but the miasm is blocking the 'cure'.  Meaning we have to eliminate the stresses to allow the patient to use his two hours to do the daily housework.
We classical homeopaths feel if we can address the 'time issue and the driving miasms, we can cure with one good remedy (perhaps a cleaning team who can fix the leaks as well as help the patient to 'catch up' with what needs to be done.
Not the greatest analogy but the best I could think of at this time.
Warmly,  Maria
ps.  For those of us who have seen this work it is quite beautiful,  and no, I have certainly not seen it work in all cases.
Sometimes we do have to address the dishes, laundry, stuff left around individually - but if possible I like to put the whole package together.
Ellen MadonoComment