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Multiple sclerosis

Multiple sclerosis treatment

Multiple sclerosis is an extremely serious disease with limited effect from standard treatment. What are the possibilities of treatment through homeopathy?  I will start with the easier circumstances and move through the more difficult conditions.

Typically multiple sclerosis will begin with burning pains, tingling,  and a swollen sensation. Optic neuritis is very common. Homeopathic treatment of these initial symptoms is helpful in preventing the disease from advancing. Especially, if other members of the family have suffered from MS, these warning symptoms should be taken care of as soon as possible.  Even if MS is more advanced, often homeopathy can at least relieve symptoms and/or prevent further damage.

Lifestyle changes required

Intermittent forms of MS usually occur at times of emotional stress. Homeopathy is effective in reducing the stress if it is used in combination with lifestyle changes. No matter how severe the MS symptoms are, changes to lifestyle will support homeopathic treatment.

Home therapies are often effective and simple

Simple natural therapies can be carried out at home with excellent results. Dietary modifications, exercise, and therapy that is done at the office and at home should support homeopathic treatment.

Importance of non-homeopathic home therapy

Dr. Andre Andre Saine describes a case where he did not have time to treat an MS patient, so he told her family to place alternately use hot and cold towels on the back of her neck three application twice daily every day. Her family could only treat her on the weekend because she lived in a hospice during the week.  She was quadraplegic and could not even feed herself and was only 18 years old. Her family and doctors thought she was dying because she was hardly conscious. Doing these hot and cold compresses for only 20 days, she went from a conscious level of 1 to 4-5, and a cognition level went from 0 to a 4. That is, she became fully conscious. This much change happened with only hydrotherapy.  In a public video lecture, the renowned homeopath, and teacher, Dr. Andre Saine describes the common sense facts that I have repeated in this posts as well as many other non-homeopathic treatments that will support homeopathic treatment of MS.

Dangerous colds and flus

Colds and influenza for MS patients can be very dangerous, but they can be easily treated with homeopathy. Patients are advised to purchase their own home remedy kit. When MS patients notice signs of a cold, they should immediately notify their homeopath. Usually, over the phone is possible to recommend the curative remedy or simple home remedies to avoid succumbing to a respiratory infection. In a pinch, it is wise to at least try the most common remedy. But, it may not work.  Why?


Slow long-term care

A neurological disease that has existed for more than one year is not easily treated with homeopathy. Rapidly progressing paralysis can lead to death and requires correct diagnosis. This kind of disease requires close cooperation with a specialist. Patient's should have realistic expectations and should not expect quick results if they have had symptoms and have received the diagnosis of MS for more than a year. Homeopathy can certainly relieve the symptoms, but treatment requires even 10 years.

Peculiar symptoms are useful

Symptoms that are not typical of MS are particularly useful. For example, a patient who enjoys sunbathing and feels relief from his symptoms when he takes a vacation in Florida is a very unusual MS patient. MS patients are typically sensitive to heat and the sun. If you notice that you are very different in some particular symptom, this difference places you much closer to the healing path and you should tell your homeopath about this difference. The symptom could have nothing to do with the disease that you are diagnosed with for example MS. But it is peculiar to you, so it will be used in choosing the most healing remedy for you.

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