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Health Care Control

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Control over health care

I am not leaving my health care in the hands of politicians, insurance or pharmaceutical companies.  Even doctors have interests other than mine.  So, homeopathy is my family medicine because I want health care control to be in my hands.

Support conventional medicine with homeopathy

I always use homeopathy to support the mainstream medicine. Ten years ago, my husband's teeth should have fallen out.  Even my dentist is amazed by his health gums.  Many such chronic problems have been solved or avoided with homeopathy.  I have found that through careful observation of myself and my family, we have little need for medical services other than homeopathy.  Nevertheless, I use the power of medical science with with great respect.

The cost of education was worthwhile

Becoming a professional homeopath has cost more than 10,000 dollars, but when I think of the pain and suffering that I have avoided, the hours spent feeling lost in medical's offices and the simple loss of control over my life, this cost was all to my advantage.

Devotion to homeopathy out of love

The more I study and practice homeopathy, the more I love it.  Few people can say that they love their work.  I feel privileged to devote my life to homeopathy.