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My first self healing

Tokyo homeopathy is dedicated to the folks who have started on a self healing path from the place of ignorance where I began.

The best things happen in my life when I reach what seems like the bottom. The 23rd Psalm describes my feeling best.  “In the shadow of the valley of death.”

Perhaps, many readers on the path to self healing know this despair better than I do.

In 1991, I did not believe in the "Good Shepard."  So, instead of prayer, I sought help from a book.  I saw  my symptoms in a self help homeopathy book written by Dana Ulman. I had that remedy in my 50 remedy homeopathic first aid box.  I had never used a remedy before and was ignorant of what homeopathy was or how it worked.

 My chosen pill (remedy) hit my mouth, that second the pain dropped by at least 70%.  I should have sought specialized help. Instead, I ignored the miracle of healing.  After all, I did not know that it was possible to be helped by a non-medical stranger, so I did not reach out to the one homeopath who I knew. The doctor said he could see no reason for my monthly menstrual pains. Because of my trust in doctors, it took more than ten years before I studied homeopathy.

 Full of painful ignorance and paranoia, I avoided taking my wonder pill until the pain was totally unbearable.  I suspected that this pill was strong, so it must be addictive. Wrong!!

Would you have guessed that there is a basic principle behind choosing a remedy?  By observing my pains, I had naively chosen the right remedy and this is fundamental to the practice of homeopathy.  Unfortunately, much more knowledge is needed to heal menstrual pains. 

My first self healing was led by the forces of "goodness and mercy."  Oddly, the more I study and practice homeopathy, the closer I come to believing in natural healing forces.  I like the logical aspect of choose a healing remedy; and observation of the process is even more attractive. As I walk through this valley, the more I feel, "Thy rod and thy staff, they comfort me."



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