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My homeopathy education

My Ph.D. dissertation titled "Apprenticeship-"Learned it by myself" became my model for my own life-long education. First, I learned homeopathy in Pittsburgh by sponsoring a clinic. Then, moved to Tokyo, so most of my homeopathy education was Internet-based. Clinical practice and teaching continue to educate me. In my timeline you can see that I value, learning through participation, cross-cultural learning, and mind-body paradigms.


  • Born in 1949 after WW II.

  • Nationality: American (3rd Generation Japanese-American).

  • Family moved from the University of Minnesota student barracks to a white neighborhood outside Minneapolis, 1954.

  • Junior year (1973) at Oberlin College studied in Tokyo for one year at the Waseda Kokusaibu.

  • Post B.A. studied Chinese for a year at the International Division of Taiwan National University, 1975.

  • Began practicing Taichi chuan in Taipei.

  • Married a Japanese national, 1976.

  • Three children born in Japan and then moved to Pittsburgh, PA in 1983.

  • Raised children in a Jewish neighborhood as a member of the Japanese community.

  • A visiting student at Kyoto University for 3 years studying Chinese.

  • Finished Ph.D. in 1999. Thesis on cultural Anthropology of apprenticeship.

  • Begin practicing yoga 1996.

  • Begin practicing Zen Shiatsu and Zen meditation. 2000

  • Certified to teach Kundalini yoga, 2001.

  • Hosting homeopathy clinic for Tom Heard, 2002-2004.

  • From 2004 Internet study of homeopathy begins and continues to the present.

  • 2012-2015 practice Yuushiki breathing technique.

  • Observed in an Indian homeopathy clinic and begin practicing Tibetian Buddhism. 2017

  • 2018 Third Degree Black Belt in Aikido and entered Seishinkan dojyo. Begin private practice with Watanabe-sensei.

 Story of how I learned

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