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A Patient who Found her Spiritual Calling

A patient who found her spiritual calling -Homeopathy was the door to a whole new view of life.

I would like to take this opportunity to introduce Ellen Madono to you.  I called her Mrs. Ellen because I don’t want to call her by first name and to show my respect for her.   I know Mrs. Ellen for almost five years or maybe longer.   I have been her homeopathic patient for almost two years.   I began working with Mrs. Ellen because of menstrual cramping.   Before I become Mrs. Ellen’s patient, I used to call my office to request for a sick day on every first day of my period because I was so much in pain that I had a hard time getting out of my bed.   After a few months using the remedy that she gave me, the cramping went away.  Instead of saying that my problem was cured, she told me that the cause for the cramping still needed to be healed.

I had not told her about my difficulties at work, but as I got to know her better, we began to discuss these emotional topics that I have never imagined could be helped through homeopathy. At the same time, I didn’t tell her about my problems eating because they didn’t seem important to me, but my sister, who is a medical student, wrote Mrs. Ellen a letter telling her about my lack of appetite.   One day Mrs. Ellen called and asked me to change my remedy.   That remedy was magic.   My appetite became normal and today I take great pride in my cooking and am proudly to say that I am a happy and content vegetarian.   With help of Mrs. Ellen, my emotional problems of relaxing and being around other people or withstanding stress are at a normal level.

Before the new remedy, she had been teaching me and my friend meditation and yoga by webcam.  She made practice tapes for us that we used with our iPod.   Through her, I further pursue my interests in yoga, in meditation, in making myself a better person.  I am proudly to say that she is my mentor, and my adviser.  Without her insights and advice, I wouldn’t have found my path in Vipassana Meditation.   I am currently steady walking the path of Dhamma.  She teaches me to look inside of myself, and she also teaches me so many life valuable lessons.