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Why allergies plague us and how to prevent hypersensitivity

Allergy is caused by hypersensitivity of mucus membranes

You have allergies, irritable bowels, sinus headaches, respiratory allergies…. This list includes any cells on your first line of defense against allergens becomes hypersensitive. The membranes of your genitals, sinuses, nose, ears and gut are the typical places where allergies occur. The places where colds and flu attack are obvious, but what about the digestive system? Your “gut” is also a long tube lined by mucus membranes.  All mucus discharges, stools and urine exit the the body through mucus membrane lined tubes. All exits are also entrances for pathogens to enter the body. 

Oddly, we live with all the major pathogen (strep, millions of virus etc.)  and they do not necessarily attack us.  Why?  I am not sure, but they are certainly part of our micro-flora. They are part of our internal garden. When they become inflamed, pathogens attack us. Typically our mucus membrane are the first line of deterioration so they become inflammed. That inflammation is allergy. Those membranes become hypersensitive because they are inflamed.


Killing pathogens inside you kills the micro-organisms that protect you

If you pour toxic agents such as antibiotics into your gut, you will not only fail to build your immune system, but also, you will kill the micro-organisms who are living in your gut.  These gut micro-organisms increase strengthen your ability to deal with actual pathogens. So, they are the "good guys."   If you drink antibiotics etc., you are making your gut a susceptible host for disease-causing bacteria. Simply eliminating pathogens from your environment will not prevent pathogens from attacking you. They live inside you already. The more you do to "disinfect" your environment and yourself, the more susceptible you become as a host for pathogens.  The first sign of increased susceptibility is hypersensitivity to the environment.

Antibiotics, steroids and other pharmaceuticals can be unavoidable

Accidents, surgeries, and other diseases that are unrelated to external pathogens can easily make you more susceptible to pathogens.  So, typically doctors will "protect" and even overprotect you by artificially "disinfecting" you.  At some point, you will leave their care and then you will have to deal with the consequences of "covering your doctor's butt."  That is, excess drug use to protect him from legal suit.  At some point, you need to nurture your own immune system.  That is when you begin thinking of alternative health care such as homeopathy.

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Homeopathy can help you with the mental emotional causes of hypersensitivity/allergies

Even without external attacks on your gut health, emotional health can also undermine your gut.  A typical scenario is, your diet is perfect, but you are obsessed with something.  Your moods are affected, and your gut can suffer too.  Again, this is a susceptibility issue.  Some people have delicate guts, and others have delicate sinus membranes.  Inflammation will happen in susceptible tissues. Fewer people are aware that homeopathy can also relieve any form of inflammation.  If you have mental or emotional discomforts, the right remedy can help you.