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Controling the Power of Homeopathic Treatment Most of the video is for beginners. 44 minutes total. Guidance on use of the 5 cup method and potency control for intermediate students begins at 38 minutes into the lecture. Sudent question: Is training to read energy important for homeopathy? Answer summary: Visually reading energy is not important, but knowing your own energy is important. Quiz 1 (Quiz Guidelines)

Matching the Remedy to the Patient An introduction to the basic law of homeopathy. Matching the patient to the remedy is the fundamental problem in homeopathic prescription. 44 minutes total. Quiz 2 (Quiz Guidelines)

How I work. I will teaching you how to do the same thing. 25 minute video. Introduction to the method being taught here. Please contact me for more information.

Paralysis healing with the remedy, Cocculus: Treating a heavily medicated patient to illustrate the use of Dr. Heinner Frie’s Polarity Analysis web based software. Q&A about managing this case.

Emergency Homeopathy

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