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Why your fees decreases

My fees gradually decrease to lessen the cost of long term care and to encourage patients to take increasing responsibility for their own care.  The amount of communication that your care requires and your understanding of homeopathy are directly related.  In general, the amount of communication that is required will decrease as you learn to use homeopathic remedies.  Accordingly, your fees will also decrease. The treatment process is divided into three periods.  At the very least, one month is required to progress from one period to the next one.  However, reactions of patients to different remedies and their ability to manage their remedy varies greatly, therefore, there are no absolute time periods.

You are learning the most during the First Period and our communication is generally the most frequent then.  During the Second Period, you learn to use your records of your remedy to decide how often you should take it.  After these two learning periods, most patients are able to manage their own remedy with far less instruction.  During this Third Period, your remedy use and responses become more predictable. Also, your understanding is greater so you will require less guidance from me.

If you need to change your remedy, and you require more guidance from me, we will return to the amount of communication and fee required in Period Two.

FeesEllen Madono