Tokyo Homeopathy




Distinguishing between Interviews

What do you learn in the First Interview Follow up?

A         Learn how to take your remedy.

B         Deciding when you should report back after you have taken your remedy.

C         Making an appointment for further Follow up Interviews or the Evaluation  Interview.

D         Evaluate your sensitivity to  your remedy.

E        Talk about what to expect from your remedy.

How is the Evaluation Interview different from the First Interview

Evaluation Interview

The follow up to the first interview is optional and the number of follow ups that are needed varies.  Usually even before you recieve your remedy,  I call you by telephone to ask a few more questions based on research from your first interview.  Occasionally, you need to come in a second time before I can give you a remedy.  Often after the first interview, you understand what homeopathy is about and you think of other things that you want to discuss.  The  follow up to the first interview is a time to make those additional comments and to ask more questions.

After you recieve your remedy, you will be asked to contact me again to tell me how you are reacting to your remedy.   Depending on your reactions and your need for support,  you may require further contact until we fully understand your reaction to your remedy.

The Evaluation Interview

In the Evaluation Interview, you have been affected by your remedy from anywhere from one to two months.  You come to my office for your evaluation.  Looking at my notes on your first interview, we evaluate changes in your symptoms.    I am asking myself was the remedy effective?  Is another remedy required or should a remedy with a different strength be used?  How sensitive are you to the remedy.  How aware are you of changes?