Tokyo Homeopathy


Takeda Dojyo

From day one, Yoshinobu Takeda teaches even beginners to enter the center of Aikido energy. Flying on his energy is to me a direct experience of flying on the energy of the universe. Pointing to the calligraphy that occupies the sacred center the dojyo, he directs my attention to the empty space under the two characters for the meeting of energy (Aiki). The charater for do or the way, the path, is an empty space. This is because the way for each student is different. He encourages each student to find the way that opens up through practice.


Aikido diary

Before Technique/waza

Before Aikido technique, there are ways of being that are the foundations of any techinque. Surely, we all differ in our foundations, but they are becoming clearer to me. So, while these discoveries are still fresh, I would like to describe them.