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Remedy fees

Summary of remedy fees description below

  • Remedy fees cover a handling charge
  • Mailing of remedies is typical
  • Remedies are given in the clinic or overnight mail for urgent cases.
  • Typical emergency situations
  • Savvy patients have their emergency remedy in their home kit.
  • Time required for mailing remedies

No charge for remedies

I do not sell remedies. There are no remedy fees in my bill.  This is because I am not a pharmacy. I charge a handling charge for packaging remedies and mailing remedies.

Fees for remedies

Remedy handling charges and mailing fees 1000 Yen per remedy plus mailing costs
Special order potencies 6000 Yen per set (varies slightly per remedy set)

Usually, I mail remedies

After I have finished your interview, I have to do research to choose your curative remedy.  The other fees for my services largely cover the time that I spend on researching your remedy and communicating with you.  Homeopaths sell wisdom and knowledge.

Immediate need for remedies?

This decision is up to you.  In urgent cases, I often give you several remedies: A first, second and even third remedy.  If I research your remedy very quickly, I am not necessarily absolutely sure which remedy will be better for you.  I am usually right, but my habit is to check and recheck if I have the time.

Here is an example where time is a primary factor: You have such severe tooth pain that you will not be able to sleep at night. I am giving you remedies to take on your way to the emergency room, or your child has a high fever and wakes you up at 3 am.

Homeopathy savvy patients already have the needed remedy.

Typically I am training my patients as I treat them.  So, in emergency situations, even if I need to select their remedy for them, they have it in there home remedy kit.  They call me; describe the patient's condition; and they look in their remedy box.  Often they have the necessary remedy or know where to get a bottle from a store near their house.

If you have a repeated crisis, I also select a remedy to be used during the crisis.  So, patients leave my office with their emergency remedy and a chronic remedy.

Calling for urgent situations

If your problem is urgent, to evaluate the results, I will be calling you after you have taken it.  But, there is no charge for this call.  Only a handling charge if I need to send a remedy.  If I give you several remedies, I will absorb the handling charge.  So, there is only a handling charge for one remedy.

In some cases, I know your remedy very quickly and easily.  I am sure with very little research.  In that case, you get your remedy with little waiting, but you are still charged a handling charge.  Sorry, I have to keep fees simple.

So, even if you wait for me to research your remedy, I charge a handling charge for packaging remedies. You get your remedy sooner, but you do not save on the handling charge.

Mailing remedies

Often I do not give you your remedy while you are in my clinic.  I mail it to you.  If you give me the time, I like to spend the available time to research your remedy.  So, if you are not able to wait while I am researching your remedy or I do not have time to research while you wait, then I mail it to you.  Giving me time to research your remedy raises your chances that you will not get the less curative remedy.  However, remember that homeopathic remedies cannot harm you unless you are taking them repeatedly against my advice. In that worst case, like any strong medicine, they can harm you.

Special order remedies

I some cases, after I am certain about which remedy you need, so I order your remedy from a pharmacy located in New Zealand.  I am doing this to make management of your case easier and to reduce the cost of frequent interviews.  These special-order remedies take time to arrive and to be packaged.  The handling cost is included in their cost (see the chart above).  If you are in the USA, typically US mail takes 10 days from Japan to the US.  In Japan, the mail from New Zealand where the pharmacy is takes one week.  So, if I have to special order remedies because I do not own them, transportation takes a total of 21 days.  I have a very large collection of remedies, so in any case, you receive your remedy from me as soon as I have chosen it. The longest you would wait is 10 days in the USA.   However, remedies can be ordered in the USA using overnight mail.  This costs about 20 dollars.