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Internet Interview and payment

Internet Homeopathy

I prefer to interview in person, but not everyone has quick access to a homeopath and over the years, I have found that communication over the Internet has many advantages.  But, I prefer talking with patients directly.  So, I use what I have to reach patients under many different circumstances.  Below are some answers to common questions.

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Advantages of Internet interviews

I find that most patients relax when they are at home.  They tell me a range of time that is open for them.  They are near their home phone or their cell phone so do not have to wait for me that their computer.  Typically, I call them when I am relaxed and ready for them.  Especially for patients who are caring for others, not having to leave their home is extremely helpful.

Q: Is the Internet a safe place to do homeopathy?

Honestly, I am wary of doing homeopathy with anyone who I do not know through a very trustworthy person.  But, strangers come to my house and I talk with strangers on the Internet.  I have never had problems.  Trust is a major issue in any form of communication.  Probably my six sense is good enough to do homeopathy, so it works even over the Internet.

Q: How do I communicate over the Internet?

Video interviewing over a high-speed connection is best.  After I know a patient very well, phone talking also works.  Short follow ups (30 minutes or less) are often done over the phone.

Q: How do I communicate with families?

I like working with families, so I offer a 25% discount for additional family members. We communicate through video internet services.

Q: How are appointments scheduled?

Appointments are made by email or phone.

Q: When are appointments scheduled?

Because of time zone differences in the USA, appointments need to be scheduled in the late afternoon and early evening.  Many people are able to match their schedule to mine.

Q: What is the commitment of the patient?

Patients have a commitment to report their remedy outcome to me.  Usually, they need to talk to me over the phone or using video Internet services.

Q: Why do you emphasize talking to patients and their supporters live.  Why not use email? Why is a conversation important?

Normally, the patient does not know what to watch out for, so they need to talk to me in person. To me, Internet conversations are very close to conversations in person.  Unlike an office call, patients can talk at home where they are most relaxed.  If we can use a video, I can see their face and gestures. I rely on non-verbal communication probably more than what patients say to get the whole picture.

Q: How and when do patients pay?

Patients typically pay through paypal.  They do not need an account to use paypal.  Paypal charges a fee of about 5 dollars.  To avoid that fee, patients also send checks.  In Japan, patients often pay through their bank.

Fees are paid before the appointment if the appointment is in person.  For an Internet appointment, fees are paid after the appointment.  Typically, I send an email bill if there are multiple fees such as for remedies, interview and handling charges.