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Fee Discounts

Fee discounts support patients who support homeopathy.

How to receive a fee discount

To receive a fee discount, activities promoting homeopathy must be reported on this website or a social network.  The personal identity of the activist is not necessary. If you think your pro-homeopathy activity should be included in your bill, please let me know.  I will ask you to leave a comment describing your activity to inspire others.

I will send you a bill listing your discounts for that bill.  If you see any discount that I forgot, please let me know.  Click here for a checklist of your fee discounted activities.

Any discount applies once to one bill.  A maximum of 30% is possible.

Discount details

(All introduction discounts applied to the first interview only.)

Family (including pets): 25% discount given to each added member for their first appointment.

Introduce a friend. 5% discount.

5% Fee discount for action (Apply to your next homeopathic followup interview.)

Join the movement toward natural health care

Below are some ideas.  Please act out your own ideas and tell me about your experience.  You can add comments on this site about your activism or publish on a social network.


  • You learn first aid or beginning homeopathy.
  • You treat someone with homeopathy.

Good patient award (Applies to any interview fee.)


  • You keep appointments (Timely rescheduling appointments works fine.)
  • On your own, tell me about changes in your medical treatments or your self-care that include conditions unrelated to the condition that is being treated.


A Special financial need Fee discount is possible.

At least one of the above pro-homeopathy actions is required to qualify for fee discounts.

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