Tokyo Homeopathy




Scheduling an appointment


Open times for Ellen Madono (Tokyo time zone)

Monday        8am - 7pm

Tuesday         2pm - 4pm

Wednesday   2pm - 9pm

Thursday       2pm - 4pm

Friday            7am - 6pm

Saturday        7am -  1 pm

Sunday          Closed

Match to your time zone

I like this appointment maker (click to go to a time zone matching site) and I will show you below how to use it.

Eastern Standard Time USA

Pacific Standard Time USA

After you have chosen a time and date that matches your schedule, let me know.  

How to use the meeting planner URL

Screen Shot 2018-09-16 at 8.29.54 PM.jpg

After you have matched my open times and dates with your schedule, let me know about your available times. Even if your times do not match, I will search for alternatives or adjust to your needs.