Tokyo Homeopathy


The Questionnaire

I can interview you without filling out a questionnaire, but if you put in a little extra effort, the precious time that I can spend with you will be a step closer to the curative treatment.

I attach your questionnaire to an email.  You can open it by scrolling to the bottom of the email.  Type directly on that document, or print it out.  If you print out, then scan your document. Questionnaires can also be sent by mail if you are not in a hurry.

The questionnaire was not designed for self-treatment by a person who is not educated in homeopathy.  You can download an old version of the questionnaire here to just get an idea of the kind of questions asked.  The ideal is to check off 8-16 symptoms on the list.  But before considering filling out the questionnaire in hopes that it will help you to take your own case, let me warn you that you will not know what your answers mean even if they are correct.

No matter how you answer the questionnaire, I will have to confirm what each answer means.  Always our discussion leads to a much wider discussion of your problems.  Only a homeopath can make use of this questionnaire. I am only showing you the first step in treatment. The real work of finding a curative treatment involves much more than the questionnaire.

The questionnaire is the first sort

You may think that the questionnaire does not apply to your specific problem. Note, there is logic using a questionnaire.

First, looking for the patterns of your illness can be like looking for a needle in a haystack.


Consider this.  Before you had a problem, you had a body that clearly has some tendencies for having problems.  For example, you have reactions to the weather, food and drink etc.  You also have specific ways of having problems that affect your sleeping, breathing or digestion, etc.

If any of these functions or ways of experiencing stress characterize you.  This first sort concerning how you experience problems will eliminate many treatments that do not fit you.  This elimination process means that I can focus on the right treatment much more quickly than I could without asking these questions that narrow my choices.


Even if your problems seem unrelated or at least distant from these questions, because this list of questions has been statistically tested over 20 years, in technical ways that cannot be explained here, the list dramatically increases the probability of finding the curative treatment for you quickly.  We both waste less time.  Intelligent initial work is a shortcut to the curative remedy.