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Paralysis Healing with Cocculus

How to cut through strong medications

N is confused about the dosing method

N’s email: My observations: After one day OFF (per your suggestion) the Cocculus remedy which had not been prepared in the 5 cup
 Method, LR had some mucus sounding coughing and some nasal discharge. He seemed a little less interested in interacting and wanted to sleep. Usually he's interested in giving and receiving energy/affection. Appetite, elimination was good, some blanket wetting.

 - If we do continue with Cocculus: 

 Ellen: N describes giving Coccolus several times a day with no dilution. In contrast, the 5 cup method is a method to make the remedy less strong.

Treating a heavily medicated patient

Ellen: At first N (the caretaker of LR, a cat) did not understand that she should follow the 5 cup method of Dr. Farokh Master. LR had no aggravation, but giving 200c would probably cause an aggravation. I explained that we use the 5 cup method when a patient is heavily medicated. By giving the remedy, we are able to overcome the medicines which suppress the natural healing actions of the body. A demonstration of making remedies using the 5 cup method is on Youtube.

Dosing a cat living with many other cats is a new experience for me.  But, we are trusting LR's cat-like ability to know what he needs.  That is why we are giving him a choice between medicated water and pure water.The dose is also diluted, so our intention is to repeat the dose to overcome the medication.

Patient sleeping early in treatment

 To any homeopathy who I have ever studied with, sleeping is very good when it occurs early in the treatment. We can predict that the patient was probably tired. LR was mistakenly given his remedy without dilution several times a day. 200c giving so frequently will tire the patient.

Experimenting with dosing and using intution

Email to N: We might not medicate with Cocculus for a day, just to test his reaction.  Do that by your own intuition.  You are giving him 200c right?  That is pretty strong.  Dr. Master usually does the 5 cup method to overcome medication using 30c.  But LR is a cat.  Possibly, LR is fundamentally stronger than Dr. Master's heavily medicated patients.  Seeping during the early stages of a remedy is very good.  That is another sign that taking a day or two off from remedy medication might be useful. You can rest assured that his remedy is diluted, but still it is 200c and it is possible that he needs more spacing between doses or time without the remedy. Don't be afraid to experiment to find the optimum dosing.  We know he is getting better because he is standing more and also he is resting more. For dosing, often less is better.

If the dosing seems really hard to judge, we may want to switch to F potency. The 5 cup method would be appropriate there too. 

Hi Ellen,

I followed the 5 cup method and placed two water bowls out yesterday - one with Cocculus Indicus and one plain water. I gave the first dose by spoon and then have allowed LR free choice. He drank during the night but I couldn't see which bowl by the time I turned the light on. 


Ellen: I suggested to N that Levels of Health (See Vithoulkas’ in a Youtube lecture) might be used to evaluate LR’s change in health. Where is he now and how does he change after the remedy?

N’s email: Have been viewing Vithoulkas you tube instruction and will need to view again (1 hour+). Proper dosing will require confidence in observations/intuitions. LR is 'present' energetically, has vitality in his eyes and a very good appetite.

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